Ice Cream Machinery

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Maquinaria para heladería

Anyone who wants to get closer to the world of artisanal ice cream parlors and is thinking of developing their own establishment ends up running into the problem of what machinery to buy, both to manufacture and to expose the products to the public.

As it is not an easy choice, at Gerogelato we believe that it is essential to explain and inform potential buyers about all the possibilities on the market, always from the perspective of value for money and, above all, the real use that will be given to each machine; let's go by parts:

Maquinaria para heladería

1. Continuous Production: although it refers to industrial production, this term is also used in crafts, to define a manufacturing model that is usually carried out with a Multifunction ice cream machine, that is, a machine that pasteurizes in its upper part and butter in its lower part, with the passage of the mixture that can be internal or external to the machine, but always with continuity and speed in the process.

Maquinaria para heladería

3. As regards the sales area, everything will depend on the commercial mix that the client adopts, and the amount of product that he wants to display and keep; For what competes with ice cream, it will be important to define whether to use an exposed system, such as a standard showcase, or a closed system, such as “ Pozzetti ”, taking into account the climatic conditions of the premises, the organization of work, and the capacity storage and laboratory production.

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